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Elaine Harmon. George Bush_2007Nov

Elaine with President George W. Bush

Press Conference March 2016

Press conference at the US Capitol, March 2016

Elaine's gravestone at ANC

Elaine's gravestone at Arlington National Cemetery

Pres. Obama signs Gold Medal bill

President Obama signs Gold Medal bill, 2009

1976 Erin and Gammy photo color

1976 Gammy and Erin

Elaine Harmon 44-W-9 at Midland, Tx Airs

Elaine Harmon at the helm of B-29 Fifi

WASP @SNF April 3, 2019 (Part 1) - Sun N Fun Radio
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Audio FFFF
WASP @SNF April 3, 2019 (Pt 2) - Sun N Fun Radio
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