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Texas retains WASP in the curriculum

Dallas Morning News reporter Lauren McGaughy wrote this piece including information on the Texas State Board of Education proposal to remove WASP from the grade 2 social studies curriculum on citizenship. The link to the full article is below.

"Several people also testified to oppose the removal of the WASP from second grade, where they're listed as an example of Americans who have exemplified good citizenship. Erin Miller, who fought to have her grandmother inurned alongside her military brethren at Arlington National Cemetery, said these women can be inspirations to other women as they were for her.

'I flew 1,500 miles from Maryland just to talk to you,' Miller said. 'I am here today because of the citizenship example by grandmother and the WASP set for me.'

Austin resident Tom Lucas, whose mother Dorothy A. Smith was a WASP, added: 'They were the original 'me too' movement. ...I cannot think of a group more worthy to put forth as a definition of citizenship.'

The board voted unanimously to keep the WASP in the curriculum."

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